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With soaring temperatures, busy schedules, and changes to routines this summer, we must be vigilant about keeping our kids safe and remember to never leave a child unattended in a car. About 38 children die each year from tragic cases of vehicular heatstroke according to and It is hard to believe that someone could forget their child in a locked car, but unfortunately it can happen to anyone.

Try one of these simple steps to prevent tragedy:
• Place something in the back seat that you need, such as your purse, cell phone or jacket so you must check the back before you lock the car.
• Place your child’s diaper bag or toy in the front passenger seat as a visual reminder that the child is with you.
• Make a plan with your childcare provider and ask them to call you right away if your child does not show up as scheduled.
• Use technology apps and devices that have alarms to remind you to check when you arrive at your destination.
• Always lock your car at home and keep keys and remotes away from children.
• If you see a child alone in a locked car, call 911 immediately to help get them out.

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