Moms and dads are busy and pressed for time, and trying to pack a healthy lunch during hectic school day mornings can add to the frustration. But the bento box provides a perfect solution!

Bento is a meal concept originating in Japan, consisting of food items held in different containers within a box. A traditional bento consists of rice or noodles, meat or fish, and vegetables, all inside a box. These items can be easily substituted by any healthy carbohydrate, protein, dairy, fruit and vegetable entrée.

You can even get creative and arrange the different items in a bento to resemble animation characters or objects! Even the kids can get involved and help prep the bento boxes, making meal prepping fun and engaging.

A few added bonuses? You won’t be using multiple plastic baggies, and the individual compartments are a good reminder about portion sizes.

Here are 5 easy bento box lunches that take only five minutes to make:

Bento box #1
Hummus with white wheat crackers
Cucumber slices
Orange bell pepper slices
Nectarine slices
Bento box #2
Chicken avocado sandwich
Cherry tomatoes
Apple slices
Colorful carrots
Dried cranberries
Bento box #3
Peanut butter jelly sandwich with bananas and raisins
Walnuts and almonds
Prunes and dried apricots
Celery sticks
Apples and blueberries
Bento box #4
Turkey rolls
Colorful carrots
Steamed peas
Nectarine slices
Bento box #5
Nonfat greek yogurt with blueberries
String cheese
Celery sticks
Dried cranberries with almonds
Pear slices

All food items can be substituted for different types of meats, fruits, and vegetables. Remember to avoid giving foods that could be a choking hazard to your little ones, like nuts, whole grapes, or cherry tomatoes.  We hope you enjoy making these healthy and quick bento lunches for your little ones!


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