COVID-19 has caused significant disruption in nearly everyone’s life. Kids who had the daily structure of school and necessary social contact have had that completely upended. The burden placed on children, teens, and families has been challenging. Routine, exercise, and social contact are vital to our mental health.

Here are some suggestions below to help children (and others) cope with COVID-19 from SmartCare:

  1. Establish a schedule for the day and stick with it. Parents can write that schedule somewhere easy to see like the fridge. Routine and scheduled time for various activities help kids stay on track and gives a sense of meaning to the day
  2. Eat well and wisely. Putting healthy foods into our bodies helps us feel more energized.
  3. Exercise your body. Physical activity not only helps the body stay healthy, but also releases hormones to help our mood and general state of well-being. If going outside is not an option based on where you live, turning on some music and dancing at home is one way of exercising!
  4. Exercise your mind. Online schooling, a project, learning something new, reading, writing, working on a puzzle are all ways to exercise your mind.
  5. Be intentional in your interactions with others. Pause and think before speaking. Ask yourself if what you are about to say is necessary, kind, and will serve your intention.
  6. Be intentional with yourself. Each morning, set your intentions and goals for the day. Don’t give into frustration, boredom, or negative feelings of sadness or anger.
  7. Respect the seriousness of this time in our lives but keep up your faith and optimism about the future!

For more information, please reach out to your CPCMG pediatrician! More information found on SmartCare:




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