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What’s the one skill that can help your child succeed in the future? The ability to READ!

CPCMG is passionate about literacy, knowing that the ability to read is the foundation for all learning. Our providers give a “prescription to read” along with new books with your child through the Reach Out and Read Program. Check out these tips to incorporate reading into your child’s life no matter what their age:

Reading to (and with) babies and toddlers
It’s never too early to read to your new baby!

  • Skip the tablet or phone, pick up a book and cuddle with your child.
  • Board books are perfect for babies – they are made to be touched and held by small hands.
  • With toddlers, show pictures and point out words, colors, and numbers. Repeating their favorite book helps them learn.
  • Make reading part of your bedtime routine. Spend 15-20 minutes relaxing and enjoying a book together.

Learn more about the “The Three B’s of Reading to your Newborn” on the CPCMG blog. (link here

Reading with school-age kids
Continue to support your child’s reading activities, not just reading assignments for homework. Reading together can be magical and strengthen your bond.

  • Visit your local library to help your child discover the things they like to read about and find books on those topics.
  • If your child seems to be struggling to read, reach out to their teacher early to help get them on track.
  • Look for books made into popular movies like the Harry Potter Series and Wonder. Encourage your child to read the book, then talk about how the movie interpreted the story. Did the movie accurately portray the story and characters? Why or why not?

Reading with teens
Young adult literature offers amazing books in numerous genres that teens will enjoy. Many stories are told from a teen’s point of view and focus on themes like identity, friendship, relationships, and life challenges.

  • Some teens are overwhelmed by large reading assignments. Help get them excited to read again with graphic novels like the March series by John Lewis.
  • Find out what book your teen is reading and take the time to read it or pick out a new book to read together.
  • Reading at bedtime is a great habit to wind down from the day and move away from the blue light of electronics.
  • Encourage your teen to join a book club with their friends at school, online or at your local library.

Learn about Reach Out and Read
Reach Out and Read is a successful, primary care-based program that encourages reading aloud as a daily activity. At CPCMG sites participating in the program, children from six months to five years old receive a new book at their well visits. The provider shares the book and how to make the most of it at each developmental stage. Studies show these children have increased vocabulary and school readiness. CPCMG promotes literacy at all sites and our goal is to share our love of reading with future generations.

Contributing authors:

Dr. Ingrid Martinez-Andree (CPCMG Children’s Campus) is number 5 of 7 children. Her parents shared her love of reading and stories. Her “spark” book was “Island of the Blue Dolphins” by Scott O’Dell. She heard about Reach Out and Read and made it a personal goal to bring the program Children’s Primary Care Medical Group in 2005. She has been with the organization since 1999 and is still going strong in her belief to “Find an excuse to laugh with your child every day. Laughter is the best medicine.”

Dr. Sharon Sternfeld (CPCMG Citracado) is a second-generation pediatrician whose father shared his love of books with his patients. Dr. Sternfeld started Reach Out and Read at Children’s Primary Care Group Medical Group in Escondido in 2008. She continues to help other sites start their programs and supports all regional events. She loves the lessons learned in books from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” to “Tummy Ride.”

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