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Winter weather has made its way to Southern California! With cold, rainy days in town and snow in the mountains, it’s a good time to review the six best ways to keep your kids safe.

  1. Babies lose more heat than adults – make sure they are in extra layers and wearing a hat when outside. However, never put puffy coats or blankets underneath car seat straps and never leave thick loose blankets in their crib.
  2. Wet clothing should be removed as soon as possible.
  3. Keep everyone hydrated, even when it’s cold outside.
  4. Kids playing outside or in the snow can get overheated, so dress them in thin layers they can remove as they warm up.
  5. Skiers and snowboarders should be wearing helmets, eye protection, gloves and sunscreen.
  6. Painful, pale skin can be an early sign of frostbite so take kids inside to warm up if they complain.

With a little bit of planning, everyone can safely enjoy the winter weather.


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